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529 Plans Level Up! Secure Act 2.0 Boosts Your College Savings Strategy

College savings got a major upgrade with the recent passage of Secure Act 2.0. 529 plans, already a powerful tool for education funding, now offer even more flexibility and benefits for families planning for the future.

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Roth IRA for Kids

Small business owners may find it challenging to find ways to provide additional benefits to their children who work for the company. One often overlooked choice is including a Roth individual retirement account (IRA) as part of their compensation, a strategy that offers the potential to benefit both the children and the business.

Small businesses play a significant role in labor markets. They employ 61.7 million Americans, 46.4 percent of all private-sector employees. Over the period from 1995 to the present, small businesses have been responsible for generating 17.3 million net new jobs, which accounts for an impressive 62.7 percent of all jobs created since 1995.1

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Navigating the Runway: Exploring Traditional and Roth IRAs for a Smooth Retirement Landing

As the whispers of spring turn into a full-blown chorus, excitement builds for the upcoming travel season. But for those approaching retirement, a different, yet equally thrilling journey is about to take off: the journey towards financial freedom. In this pre-departure guide, we'll explore two essential retirement vehicles – Traditional and Roth IRAs – equipped with their latest 2024 upgrades, to help you land a smooth and comfortable financial future.

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